PageSpeed Insights: Free Search Engine Optimization Tool

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PageSpeed Insight is a free Search Engine Optimization tool which to help and check the website’s performance and optimization. The tool might give the wrong impression regarding a site to users who consider/thinks on the outcome without interpretation the textual explanations.

In fact, when you enter your site URL in the box and click on the “Analyze” button, in response you get your site speed results. But it not tells you in how many seconds your site is loading. The tool only tells you the loading speed of your site but not loading time, contrary to Google Test My Site. 

The Performance data existing in the primary piece of the report is removed from Chrome UX Report, an enormous database of unidentified data composed from Chrome users worldwide throughout their navigation time period

A number of users are astonished to observe an “Unavailable” message in their reports, after analyzing their site in PageSpeed Insights. 

free search engine optimization tools

As earlier elucidated, PageSpeed Insights does not carry out a speed test of your website but demonstrates Real User Monitoring data collected by Chrome. Therefore, metrics not being obtainable has a straightforward clarification: the analyzed page has insufficient traffic.

This Search Engine Optimization tool is giving the outcome for a provided webpage. If you want to access the outcome for the entire site, a command can give you access. Simply prefix the URL in the analysis form by “origin:” (for instance: “origin:”).

In Chrome UX Report, the performance measures are fragmented into 3 params: – 

  • Country.
  • Device type.
  • Internet connection 

Remember that Real User Monitoring has to be subjugated extremely vigilantly as various data could be unruffled from traffic sources having not a part of your targeted audience. 

It’s the best sign to contain those data directly existing in PageSpeed Insights. Tranquil, they are only fragmented amid Mobile and Desktop. However, the entire connection categories and states are implicated in the given results.

As data are unruffled by Chrome, contrasting conventional Real User Monitoring services, there is no installation process and is obtainable/accessible for every website. 

Dom Content Loaded and First ContentFul Paint

There are two Key Performance Indicators provided by Google search engine optimization with PageSpeed insights: –

  • Dom Content Loaded. 
  • First Contentful Paint. 

The question is that above mentioned two Key Performance Indicators are relevant performance measures? The answer is relying on your objectives/goals.

DCL (Dom Content Loaded)

Google PageSpeed Insights defines The Dom Content Loaded as following:

DOM Content Loaded (DCL) measures when HTML document has been loaded and parsed

DCL is a procedural and methodological KPI that is not relevant to somewhat phenomenon on the page loading for a customer/visitor. Subsequent to this wait, you have the assurance that the synchronous script with a put off attribute – have been implemented. Dom Content Loaded is broadly used to activate asynchronous treatments.

FCP (First Contentful Paint)

The Search Engine Optimization tool Google PageSpeed Insights defines First ContentFul Paint as following:

[..] the time when the browser first rendered any text, image (including background images), non-white canvas or SVG. This excludes any content of iframes but includes text with pending web fonts.

First ContentFul Paint can crop up before the user can see whatever thing on the screen. Like a text is requiring a custom font to be loaded prior to delivering. It possibly will result in an extra difficulty to recognize and use the FCP measure.

Conversely, opposing to the Start Render, FCP won’t be prompted by a backdrop color or a further sort of CSS decoration being shown before a little content.

PageSpeed Insights to test out your pages aligned with performance finest Do’s

Numerous controls are useful to the considered page. PageSpeed Insight will catalog the outcome as optimization suggestions, and you’ll too be acquainted with which best practices the page previously comply with.

Search Engine Optimizaiton Tool

This is a constructive source of information. Motionless, that is insufficient if you’re solemn regarding optimizing your website for speed. You would like to furnish a try to Best SEO Strategies. Let us give a chance to pick your site from scratch and place it on top of the search engine with the best dynamic SEO strategies that Guarantee’s success.

Coming to end, using PSI you can access to Real User Monitoring data for free for any website. However, First ContentFul Paint and Dom Content Loaded provide insufficient information regarding the UI correlated to web performance. 

However, PSI offers helpful and worthy signs regarding what would be Speed signals for Google search engine optimization, vis-à-vis the Speed Update. 

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25 Questions from PPC Expert to Whom You Would Hire

Generally, it is a common practice that while hiring an expert to promote our business, first we prepare questions for him and before hiring, we ask those questions from that expert. 

Whenever you hire Pay Per Click (PPC) expert or hire facebook marketing expert, don’t forget to ask following 25 questions from him. 

It is like an interview, where you’ll ask and get Google AdWords questions and answers. If you satisfied from that PPC Expert, then hire him otherwise never avail his services. 

25 Questions from PPC Expert to Whom You'll Hire

These are 25 questions from different categories: –

    • Google Adwords Questions.
    • Google Display Network.
    • Bing Search Engine.
    • Amazon.
    • Remarketing questions.
    • Facebook.
    • Copywriting.

1. What is Click-through Rate (CTR)?

It is the percentage of People who click on your add after seeing it. 

2. How CTR Calculated?

Dividing numbers of clicks by numbers of impressions is equal to Click-through rate. 

3. Tell the name of Third-party tools you do use for Keywords research?

Although there are plenty of tools, the expert must be fully aware of the following Keywords tools: –

    • Google Keywords Planner.
    • Ahref.
    • SEMrush.
    • Bing Keywords Research Tool.
    • Moz 
    • SpyFu.
4. What is OSI (On-Schedule Indicator)?

It is a ration that campaign will deliver all impressions.

5. How Does Ad Rank affect CPC (cost per click)?

There are two locations in the search engine to show the ads, first on the top of searches and 2nd to below of search results. Ads appearing on top of search results have higher CPC (the actual amount you’re charged per click) as compared to ads appear in below of search results. 

6. Explain Google Auction Work Process?

When a user enters a query in the search engine, AdWord places all the ads which have matching keywords with user’s query. The ads which will dissimilar from the query will be ignored and remaining ad will appear with higher CPC. 

7. What is Display Advertising?

Advertising on Website, social media and apps through a banner, flash, text, video, image or in any other format called Display Advertising. 

8. What is Search Advertising?
Search Advertising is an online advertising where advertiser places ads on a webpage and ad shows in search engine results in the response of user relevant query. 

9. Why Search and Display Network recommended separately?
Different campaign settings bring effective results on the different network.

10. How many types of Re-marketing there?
There are major 4 kinds of re-marketing: –
    • Social Media remarketing.
    • Email Remarketing.
    • Search Remarketing.
    • Site Remarketing.
How to Download All Facebook Photos in One Click?

11. What is your Recommendation about Amazon Bid+ for bidding?
Amazon Bid+ permits Amazon to raise bids up to 50%. However, Amazon Bid+ isn’t good if you’re already managing ads.

12. Tell me two major benefits of Remarketing?

If PPC expert has the knowledge and well familiar with Marketing techniques, he’ll outline all benefits, including the following two major benefits: 

    • Large-scale reach.
    • Targetted users having buying intent.
13. How many types of “match” Amazon offers for sponsored product campaign?

Amazon offers 3 match types for the sponsored campaign: –

    • Exact match.
    • Phrase match.
    • Broad match.
14. How Amazon Ads are displayed? 

Amazon Ads are placed on top of the search, bottom, middle and right as well as on the product detail page. 

15. How do you Improve Your Amazon Ad placement?

Like Facebook PPC Campaign, search relevance, keywords and bids affect the ad placement.

16. On Amazon Sponsored Campaign, how can I increase the number of campaign impression?

You can get more campaign impressions by increasing numbers of products in your ad campaign, number of Keywords and your budget.

17. What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure success?

CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click-through Rate), ROI (Return on Investment) and eCPM (effective cost per acquisition). 

18. Which Audience I should Target?

It depends on your niche, content, and material available on your site. There are general visitors, specific product visitor, visitors landing on your site only for reading intent.

19. Should I Create a Website remarketing list?

Yes if you are an expert in your field. If you’re a beginner then use the auto-created list by AdWords.

20. Does Remarketing Work with Search Ads on Bing?

Yes. Remarketing works with Search ads on Bing.

Game Changing SEO Trends

21. Does RemarketingWorks with Content Ads on Bing?


22. What is UET and what it does?

UET (Universal Event Tracking) is a tool that records what your customer do on your site. When you create one UET and place it on your webpage, Bing ads will compile data from your site which helps you to track targeted audience with remarketing list and conversion goal. 

23. What are the reasons that on my Facebook ad, the numbers of impressions are not increasing?

Following are the main reasons: –

    • Too low budget.
    • same IP using to see your ads again and again.
    • The targeted audience is overlapping.
However, your PPC expert should be able to dig out real reasons and find a solution to this issue. 

24. What Types of Budgets are on Facebook?

Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget.

25. What are important points you consider while writing an ad?

A good PPC expert must be fully aware of those factors which leads your sale to the high number and provide the better potential customer. Key roleplaying factors are attention-grabbing headlines, call to action buttons, visuals and optimized images.

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SEO Franchise Opportunities

Franchises Business is now at its tremendous height in the marketing world. It is a permission awarded by a company or government to a group or an individual allowing them to perform particular commercial / saleable goings-on, like performing as an agent for a telecommunication company or airline service in a particular area. 

seo for franchise

Franchisees of SEO to execute local search engine optimization has now become a headache. The basic purpose for search engine optimization franchises and franchisee is to provide engagement of products at the local level, national and international. 

The improvement in the sale of a product at local altitude is only feasible when you carry out the benefits from local SEO franchise opportunities. However, there are numerous challenges in the field. Let’s discuss them and dig out their solutions. 

Shortage of Centralized Control of Listing

One of the major challenges is to establish the information regarding the ownership of a franchise. Not every franchisee has claimed their Google My Business profile and location. 

It has been witnessed that rare an SEO Franchise has mass Google My Business profile, only ex-employee of an agency may have the location or business profile listed at Google. 

Mostly Franchisees Not Be Acquainted with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is now a cosmic field, implemented to encourage the business visibility in search engine. That’s why, for accurate and valuable search engine optimization, most advertisers hire SEO agency or contact with franchisee SEO. 

It is unfortunate that most of the search engine optimizations Franchisees are not entirely conscious even from the basic concept of SEO. When a client contacts them to buy their services, franchisees further buy services (for that client’s business) from a vendor selected by corporate. 

If a franchisee is aware of the marketing efforts, he prefers only local city listing, due to the scope of promotion and product visibility become restricted to the very limited region. 

Even Franchises Not Be Acquainted with SEO

Problem with franchises is the same as like with a franchisee. Franchises have also lack of SEO knowledge and practices. 

Corporate marketing managers also hire vendor from the corporate when they get requests of SEO from the field. It is alarming to note that sometimes even selected vendors are the beginners, they don’t know how to recognize the optimization of a business, how to run a campaign effectively or unaware from where the landmines are?

Franchisee Marketing Differs from Corporate Marketing

Corporate has its own ideas, schedule, locations, marketing efforts, and techniques. On the other side, Franchisee marketing efforts and techniques are different and dissimilar to Corporate.

No doubt that corporate successfully run a campaign. However corporate services are hired by a franchisee for a client’s website. So here a distance of marketing methods and schedule creates between ‘what the client is saying to the franchisee and what advertising approach adopted by Corporate. 

Modest Solutions

Here some unpretentious and self-effacing suggestions, implementing them, Franchises and franchisees can formulate, improve and enhance their services. 

Educate the Corporate

It is essential and indispensable for your corporate client or partner to be educated from the basic concept of search engine optimization. They must be responsive to that how SEO works, which aspects can support them in the advancement of optimization services, etc. 

Educate the Franchisee

Educate the franchisee on the SEO campaign as well as well admired search engine optimization strategies and roadmaps. For this purpose, it is necessary for SEO vendors and their corporates to work jointly.

Webinars and SME conferences are enough to provide all SEO fundamentals to Franchisee. How to compete with location and surface issues, or whatever other issues, a franchisee must attend webinars. 

Remember! You can’t become SEO master in overnight. It takes time. However, they will become conscious of the principals of search engine optimization and game-changing SEO trends

Corporate should possess Review stratagem

Various local businesses have problems with online branding and require a logical and consistent strategy for the reply to the client’s reviews. Corporate should execute a CRM system that can smooth the progress of how franchisees can supervise and observe and respond to customer reviews. 

Report What Corporate is doing for Client

When we say that we are doing optimization of your business and making our efforts to boost your product visibility in search engine, it means we are going exactly accurate that what our client is expecting from us. 

However, this process creates disturbance in the trust of clients in his corporate. Corporate is creating content, building links, citation, using Dynamic SEO Strategies that Guarantee’s success. The problem is that all these corporate activities are not observable for the client. He couldn’t see most of the activities. That’s why a suspicion movement builds in client’s mind that corporate is nothing doing for his business or website. 

The best solution is to create a complete excel report of client’s website at each stage. 

Before starting work, corporate should prepare a report for the client that what are defects in your website and what we will do. In the mid, when progress is on the way, prepare and send excel report that this work has been done on your website. At last, a final and comprehensive report be prepared and handed over to the client. 

Such types of working will not only build the trust and confidence level of the client on corporate and franchisees but this situation will provide a mutually cooperative environment for working.

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5 Easiest Ways to Take a Screenshot of a Whole Web Page

When we take a snapshot using a snap tool, it only captures whatever visible on the screen. But when you are required to take the image of the entire webpage, you will search for some other tools. 

Screenshots are used for different purposes i.e. presentation, education, and support, etc. In the instant article, we’ll learn about 5 easiest ways to capture the entire webpage. There are some tools while few are the techniques.

Use Snapito

Snapito is a great tool to take the snapshot of the whole webpage. It is very simple and easy to use.

Use Snapito to capture the enitre webpage

Open official website of Snapito. Enter the URL in the box (URL of the webpage that you want to capture) and click on “Snap” button. You’ll get the result on your screen in a couple of seconds. 

Here is the image of the entire webpage of my website, taken with the help of Snapito. 

capture the whole webpage

Chrome Shortcut 

There are numerous built-tools in Google chrome but all those are hidden. One of them is the screenshot capture tool. 

Use Google Chrome to take the snaphsot of the whole web page

Enter the following command to take the image of your entire webpage. 

Step 01: Ctrl + Shift + I

Chrome developer will appear on your screen. Next: –

Step 02: Ctrl + Shift + P

Type “screenshot” and click “capture full-size screenshot”. 

Chrome Extension “Full Page Screenshot”

Click here to add chrome extension Full Page Screenshot on your browser. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button, as illustrated following. 

Capture Full Size Screenshot Extension

Open the required webpage, click on the instant extension, then hit to “capture entire page” and click on “Save” button to save the image.

Full Size Screenshot Extension

Chrome Extension “Full Page Screen Capture”

Click here to add Full Page Screen Capture extension to your browser. Click on “Add to Chrome” button. 

Full Page Screen Capture Extension for Chrome

Open the page to which you want to capture. Click on the instant extension button and it will capture the entire web page. An image will open in new tab and save it.  

Use is the best website to take the snapshot of the complete webpage.

Open, enter the required URL in the box, prove that you are not a robot, and click on screen capture button. When I tried this method, I got the following results.

result of

Apart from these tools, there are paparazzi and Getfireshot, however, Getfireshot is the paid tool. You can enjoy its one-month free trial. 

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How to Remove Comments From WordPress

How to Delete All WordPress Comments

There are exceptionally unusual situations when a site owner would want to delete WordPress site comments. 

Perhaps there are many reasons to do this. Sometimes site owner wants to remove because these were published by a robotic process. When he is going to a live site, definitely he’ll delete all the WordPress posts. However, there are so many reasons. 

If there are hundreds of comments, then removing all those one by one will take a lot of time. That’s why a Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the best solution. 

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

How to Delete All WordPress Comments

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the WP Plugin that allows site owners to remove the replies, posts, tags, pages, attachments, users/admin and Meta fields in bulk. 

Use Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

Download Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin from the official site of WordPress free. The installation process is very quick and completes within a couple of seconds.

There is only 2 step process to remove all the WordPress replies. However, it depends upon you either to move the erased comments to Trash or remove permanently. Remember! This process is irreversible, so keep a WordPress backup. 

Here step by step guideline is given to erase all the reaction on the WordPress site.

    • Go to WordPress Dashboard panel, given on left side of the page.
    • Click on the “Plugin” and then on “Bulk delete WordPress”.
    • Click on Bulk remove comments.

Delete All WordPress Comments using phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is an open source free administration tool for MariaDB and MySQL, written in PHP. For web hosting services, it is a worldwide accepted MySQL administration tool. 

To delete WordPress comments using the instant tool, the following is a step by step guideline: –

    • Login to cPanel dashboard of your WP hosting account.
    • Click on phpMyAdmin, given under the database area.
    • Locate your WordPress database.
    • Select the wpprefix_comments and wpprefix_comment meta table. 
    • Locate “with selected” menu.
    • In the drop-down, click on”empty” button.
Delete All WordPress Comments using phpMyAdmin

A popup screen will appear showing the permission to delete the comments, click Yes… All the comments removed on permanent bases. 

Delete All Comments Easily Plugin

This is the most recommended and easy method for the beginners. Simply follow the step by step guide given below: –

All Comments Delete Easily Plugin

Here you can remove comments available on your WordPress site or only pending reactions. 

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How to Delete All WordPress Posts In Few Seconds?

How to Delete All WordPress Posts In Few Seconds?

There are very rare scenarios when a site owner would want to delete WordPress site posts. 

There may be different reasons to take this action. For example, if a site owner published hundreds of posts just to check the site look, or all posts were plagiarism based and now moving to a live site etc. So there are possibly many reasons for this purpose. 

If there are hundreds of posts, then deleting all those one by one will take a lot of time. That’s why a Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the best solution. 

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

Delete All WordPress Site Posts by Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin is the WP Plugin that permits site owners to delete all the posts, comments, tags, pages, attachments, users/admin and Meta fields in bulk. 

How to Use Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin?

Download Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin from the official site of WordPress free. The installation process is very quick and completes within a couple of seconds.

There are different methods, provided in the plugin, to delete the site posts. You can delete posts by following categories: –

    • Category.
    • Tag.
    • Custom taxonomy.
    • Custom post type.
    • Posts by URL.
    • Title.
    • Duplicate title.
    • Draft posts.
    • Pending posts.
    • Private posts.
    • Scheduled posts.
    • Trash.

Furthermore, the plugin allows the user to delete the posts using the following filters: –

    • •    Private posts.
    • •    Public posts.
    • •    Delete permanently.
    • •    Move to trash only.
    • •    Scheduled deletion.
    • •    Post date > 10 days.
    • •    Posts date < 10 days.

You can also delete the posts by the user category. 

How to Delete All Posts on WordPress Site?

There is only 2 step process to delete all the posts. However, it depends upon you either to move the deleted posts to Trash or remove permanently. Remember! This process is irreversible, so keep a WordPress backup. 

Here step by step guideline is given to delete all the Posts on WordPress site.

    • Go to WordPress Dashboard panel, given on left side of the page.
    • Click on the “Plugin” and then on “Bulk delete WordPress”.
    • Click on Bulk Delete Posts.

Bulk Delete Posts WordPress Plugin

Now you’ll get on your screen like the following image. Apply your required filters and click on “Bulk Delete” button. 

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

That’s how you can easily delete all posts on WordPress site. 

Let us know if you know any other method to delete the WP site posts easily. If you’ve still any query, put your question in the comments section.


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3 Easiest Ways to Download All Facebook Photos in Just One Click

3 Easiest Ways to Download All Facebook Photos in Just One Click

Facebook is the leading social network and photo sharing platform, having billions of users per day. Currently, it is the 3rd largest site in the world after Google and YouTube respectively. 

When we download a photo from the Facebook, it is very easy to download. Simply right click and save the image. However when it comes to downloading the entire album or all photos in just one click, then saving one by one photo takes hours of the hours. 

In this article, we’ll learn about the 3 easiest ways to download all of the photos of your Facebook in just one click.  

Download All Data from Facebook Setting

    • Log in to your Facebook account.
    • Go to “Setting”.
    • Click on “Your Facebook Information”.
    • Click on “Download Your Information”.
    • Click on “Create File” and download all data including Photo Albums.
How to Download All Facebook Photos

When you click on “Download your Information” you can select the entire data including messages, pages, profile information, videos, images, events, posts, comments, likes and reactions, groups, pages, apps, websites, saves items and much more. You can also “deselect all” data and select the particular information to download. 

Create iDrive Account and Download All Facebook Images 

    • Click here to create an iDrive account (if you’ve already, then only sign-in). 
    • Sign-in account. 
    • On the left bottom, select “Facebook Backup” and click to continue.

    •  Create iDrive Account and Download All Facebook Images Download All Facebook Photos 
    • Log in your Facebook account and click on “Continue as nadeem” button. 
Download Faceboo Photo Album using iDrive

    • Now click on a Facebook profile. 
    • Select the photos and videos, and then click the “Download” icon to save files.
how to download Faceboo Photo Album

Remember! iDrive offers only 5 GB free. To expand space, you will pay for the subscription. 

DownAlbum Chrome Extension 

    1. Download and install DownAlbum Chrome extension
    2. Once installed, click on a small icon on the right top of the screen, as illustrated in the following image.
    3. Open your Facebook photos album.
    4. Click the icon and hit the “Normal” button. 
    5. Press “Control S” to save the album. 
DownAlbum Chrome Extension to download Facebook Photo Album

DownAlbum chrome extension is very quick and easy process. You can save your Facebook entire photo album in just one minute on your desktop. 

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ZB Block: Protect Your Website / Blog from Spam Bots and Hack Bots

ZB Block: An Anti Spamming and Anti-Hacking Layer

Today, the numbers of hackers and spammers are unlimited. As well as, the technology development boosts up, the hack bots and spam bots also increase.

It has no doubt that on one side when a good deed empowers, on other side evil forces also comes into motion. Same happens in internet marketing. 

On one side there are monster business industries running on the internet via PHP/MySQL sites, on the other hand, spammers and hackers enlarge the capability of hacking bots and spamming bots. Thus, using these bots, spammers and hackers easily enter into your CMS, to de-function the site performance. 

What is ZB Block?

ZB Block is a PHP-based protection script developed by famous Programmer Zaphod. it protects your blogs, websites, forums and other CMS Platform from the access of spammers and hackers. It acts as anti-hacking and anti-spamming layer and protects ANY .php file on your server. 

How to Install ZB Block?

There are some following easy steps to download and install the ZB Block, to protect your website, blog, the forum from the access/attacks of spammers and hackers. 

Step 01: Click here to download ZB Block

Step 02: When download complete, unzip the file.

Step 03: Upload the contents of the ZB Block folder to the zbblock folder on your server.

ZB Block Protects Your CMS from Spambots and Hackbots

Step 04: Take “” file.

Step 05: Insert content of file in the provided gap.

Step 06: Run the setup.php script and follow instructions. 

ZB Block: Protect Your Website / Blog from Spam Bots and Hack Bots

Remember! When you start the process of installation, the China and Korean spammers are already on the block list, but if you want to unblock those, simply unzip these two options. 


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5 best Firefox Add-ons to Enhance Your Browsing Experience

Mozila FireFox Extensions

Firefox is one of the best browsers providing the excellent browsing experience with dozens of Firefox extensions. 

Firefox is the basically the product of Mozilla, and recently Mozilla announces the hundreds of new best fire Firefox add-ons. Moreover, the latest version improved the browsing experience as well as UX. 

Although there are thousands of useful Firefox extension you’ll find on the internet and official web page of Firefox, but all those are not our requirement. So download /installing all those extensions will slow down the browsing experience of Firefox. 

In this article, we’ll learn about only 5 useful Firefox add-ons which are necessary for every web developer and other business industry. These 4 add-ons are called 5 best extensions for Firefox. 


LastPass The Best FireFox Password Manager

Today, a serious issue has been reported by a large number of web developers, even by a layman computer user. The issue is “how to handle the passwords of All IDs?”

Today almost every computer user has up to 5 ID’s and passwords. If we come to the category of web developers and email marketers, they have almost 10 to 15 mailing addresses/software / social networks; they face brutal difficulties to handle the ID and password. 

LastPass, best Firefox extension for 2017, solved this embarrassing situation for permanently.  It is a password manager which saves all your passwords and secures your account and passwords from any access by any person. 

Whenever you create a new account on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. generate a powerful password using LastPass. After completing the process of generating the password, now save those password to your LastPass. 

There is another interesting feature of LastPass is that you didn’t need to remember the password all your accounts. It keeps your all password secure, so if you forget any password, you can check there. 

You are not required to login into all your social networks, simply sign-in LastPass and get access to all your social accounts in just one click. 

Install LastPass FireFox Add-On

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock by Fireofox

AdBlock is another best Firefox extension that makes your browsing experience fascinating by blocking ads.

Generally when we watch a video on YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo or on Facebook then during the video; ads run on screen. This interruption diverts all the mind attention and presence. 

Firefox provided the solution to stop the ads by Firefox AdBlock Plus, which not only stop ads from all video sites but also from social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. Thus it enhances your browsing as well as user experience. 

Install FireFox AdBlock Extension


Firefox Extension Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a customization Firefox extension which provides customization of web pages, using JavaScript. 

Greasemonkey customizes the web page display using a little amount of JavaScript. However, you can write your own script if you didn’t find any suitable from Greasemonkey platform. 

Install Greasemonkey Extension for Firefox


FlashBlock to prevent your System from Hackers

FlashBlock is a useful Firefox add-on that prevents your system/device from the attack of any link or program. 

The number of viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, and Hackers is reached an alarming situation. The main problem is their visibility. You can’t see them, so you become easy hunt of those attackers and hackers. 

Generally, when we download any software/program or browse any site, open any app, we don’t know that we are downloading program/software which is badly infected with Attackers and have invisible hackers. 

When the program completely installs on the device, the device’s performance becomes very slow, even sometimes it completely hangs. But now don’t worry…. Let’s install FlashBlock.

FlashBlock gives no peace of chance to viruses, Trojans or other hackers to get access to your system. If any program/software or webpage/link contain any malicious code, Firefox security extension FlashBlock will filter all those malicious codes and ensure the security and privacy of your system/devices safe and secure. 

Install FlashBlock Firefox Extension


Scrapbook extension of FireFox

Scrapbook is another user-friendly Firefox Addon. It facilitates the user to save web pages and read them later.

Sometimes you are reading very important content on a webpage; suddenly you were called by your boss; so save your webpage in the scrapbook. 

Later on, when you reach home and become fresh, open Scrapbook and open that saved the webpage. Now read that important content in the complete peaceful environment. 

Install Scrapbook Extension for Firefox

In future, we’ll share all such useful and user-friendly add-ons of Firefox to improve your browsing experience. So to receive all such posts to your inbox, subscribe to this blog.  

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What is the Maximum Amount I Can Receive With My PayPal Account

PayPal limits on receiving money

From last few years, we were facing many issues relating the money transaction from abroad to India. 

Mostly freelancers and webmaster were satisfied with the PayPal, but one major issue was there. PayPal limit on receiving money was only $500 through a single transaction, which is obviously very less amount. You were not permitted to send or receive money more than $500 in a single transaction process. 

This was the reason that most of the Indian freelancers started to adopt the alternative options of PayPal, where they can send or receive almost $2500 through a single transaction. 

2nd issue was you were not able to use your PayPal for buying or shopping from International online shopping stores or available in India. Due to such issues, Indian bloggers and freelancers have no options except to find an alternative to PayPal. 

Now, a good news for whole Indian region that PayPal increased limits of receiving and sending the money. 

PayPal receive money limits

PayPal increased limits of a transaction from $500 to $3000 through a single transaction. Previously only $500 was allowed to receive or send via PayPal, but now PayPal increased this amount up to $3000 through a single transaction. 

It is good news for all Indian that now you can increase PayPal transfer limit of your personal account up to $3000. 

PayPal also increased the amount of buying and shopping using your Pan card Number. 

Earlier you were able only to buy or shop of just $500. But now you can Shopify of $3000. So such revolutionary step solved almost 90% issues of Indian webmaster and bloggers regarding limits of sending and receiving money. 

paypal receiving limits personal account

So if you are thinking to adopt an alternative of PayPal, come back and reactivate your PayPal account. To verify your account, link it to your bank account. If you have no PayPal account, here sign-up to create your PayPal in free. Now maximum amount you can through PyaPal is $3000.

If you know more about changes in PayPal or any suggestion which you want to give the PayPal, send us in comments.

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