What is Autoblogging and how it Works?

Last week, I received a mail from one of my colleague who asked about “Autoblogging, how it works? Where do you get content? Does it establish the backlinks? Is it favorite of Google or it is considered a black hat SEO tactics? Shortly he asked A to Z about auto blogging from me. 

That’s why I understand it appropriate to publish a detailed blog post on this subject, instead giving answer to one person. Thus anyone can read about auto blogging and get useful information from this post.

How Does Auto Blogging Work?

What Auto blogging Is?

Auto blogging is a kind of blogging in which we use software to collect the content from different sites. After collection, that autoblogging software compiles information and publishes the content on blog. 

Like general blogging, it also can be done on self hosted blog or web 2.0 blogs. All the information which automatic blogging software grabs from other site, are based on the keywords you assigned to the software. 

For beginner, Auto blogging can be defined as “a blog owner buys a domain along with hosting package, then install the WordPress or RankWYZ, and set up auto blogging software. This software grabs the articles from other site and site directories. It grabs articles using keywords which you designed in the software. Furthermore in auto blogging, auto post on blogger via RSS Feeds publishes automatically, according a schedule you settled. 

How to Build an Autoblog?

As like general blogging, Autoblogging can also be done on WordPress and web 2.0. It depends upon the goal which you set of Autoblogging. You want to increase the ranking of your site in SERP’s or just to create the backlinks to your main website. 

If you want to increase the visibility of site in search engine then I recommend you to use WordPress to build your Autoblog. If you want to just increase your backlinks through auto blogging, then I recommend the “Web 2.0”. 

If you want to build the blog with the goals to get the ranking and traffic in and from search engine, you should maximum can do 20-30 articles per day on this blog. If your objective is just to increase the backlinks of main site, then you can continue your posting work frequently i.e.   3-5 posts per day. 

Reason to Use Autoblogs

There are many reasons to use the Autoblogs. The biggest reason is it is software which saves 80% of blogger’s time by creating and compelling the content automatically. The blogger only fixes some keywords for one topic and RSS feeds, after that it automatically configure and compile content from those RSS feeds. It is worth to mention that when you fixed some keywords in auto blogging; the RSS feeds automatically find keywords for website and compare keywords with given list. 

It is essential to mentioned here that any content which is stolen, configured or compiled from other sites, is considered the violation of AdSense. The auto generated software also comes in black hat SEO category. Now let’s know some more reason to use Autoblogging software.

  • People use Autoblogs to get the bulk of traffic to their websites and blogs.
  • Autoblogs are used to increase the blog visibility in search engine as it creates the fake traffic from search engine. 
  • Autoblogs are also used to manipulate the ranking of SERPs. 
  • Ultimately all these black hat SEO tactics give the time being benefit of increasing the blog income more than 50%. 

Honestly speaking, if Autoblogs installed on WordPress then it is used for purpose of cloaking. If it is installed on Web 2.0, then it is purely used to build the backlinks of the website. 

From Where, Autoblogs get the Content?

Autoblogs are build to save the time of bloggers because Autoblog software or plug-in creates content and compile content automatically. It is cleared that why Autoblogs are established but a question raises that from where these Autoblogs get the content? 

Getting the content of Autoblog depends upon the software which you are using. Generally when you are in building process of Autoblogs on WordPress, then you are asked to choose the RSS feeds. When Autoblog builds up, it gets the content from those RSS feeds. When you upload a topic on it, you also need to provide the specific keywords. When Autoblog configure and compile the content from RSS feeds, it would be based on these keywords. 

As it configures the content from other sites, therefore there is a fear of Google penalization on “Plagiarism”. To prevent Autoblog from this risk, you can use software like Content Foundry which edit the content after configuration and make it like unique content.

Which is better? Web 2.0 Blogs or Self Hosted Blog

If you are new in blogging industry or in field of Autoblogging, Web 2.0 is better for you. It is simple and affordable and free from any type of complexity. Similarly if your goal is only just to build the backlinks free to your site or other sites, then also Web 2.0 is better. 

If you want to make your site visible in search engine, obtain organic traffic, increase site ranking in SERPs and want to double your blog income, then self hosted blog is better. 

On one hand, where you will get all these benefits, on the same there you will need to manage yourself hosted blog at your own. 

If you take suggestion from me, my answer is “self hosted blog”, because it is best to use in every situation. You need to increase the backlinks or organic traffic, increase site visibility in search engine or better ranking of site in SERPs, self hosted blog is better.

Final Words:

I hope that you learnt a lot of useful information from this detailed article. If I missed any information which you know, share with us in comments section. Next time we’ll include that information in our article. If you have any question further, you can write us in comments section. 

What is a Sponsored Review and How to Start it?

E-Marketing Solution is providing trustworthy and legitimated online sources of earning from the day one to its valuable audience. 

From last few weeks we are continually sharing regarding online survey sites and other online platforms. We are continually describing the procedure that how to make money online for free by sitting at your home. 

Today we are going to learn that how we can make money online by writing a sponsored review for a brand. 

What is Sponsored Review?

Writing sponsored reviews is the profitable and money-making opportunity for active and consistent bloggers. By writing sponsored review / pay per post they can easily add a little addition in their blog income. 

How to Get Started a Review Blog?

Sponsored review is like an article but you write this article on a product of any brand. In return you are paid that brand as per settlement. 

Generally when you write a post on any brand, you can’t get earning but when you write a sponsored review post, you get commission from the brands on writing that review. For example you’ll be get paid to write movie reviews or get paid to write reviews on Amazon etc. 

To write a sponsored review, you need a blog which has the massive traffic and thousands of unique visitors. If you are thinking about to write a sponsored review that make sure that:

  • Your blog has an attractive outlook. If your blog has clattered design with a lot of un-necessary plug-in then remove those plug-in and make an attractive outlook of your blog which leave a pleasant feeling in reader’s mind. 
  • If you have no logo, make a logo of your blog which should be relevant and reflects the internal information of your blog. For example if your blog is about e-books online, then your logo should contain a book type image. Logo is the identity of your blog and it reflects entire view of a website. Logo is a little invitation for eBook readers to land on your blog to get e-books free. If your blog is about different resources from where how to make money online for free, passive income reddit then its logo should contain the image of dollars or any other currency. So make an informative and relevant logo of your blog to get a sponsored review. 
  • Your blog sidebar must contain such necessary plug-in which shows the internal personality of your blog like e-mail subscription box, Facebook page link, Google Plus page link, popular posts and recent posts etc. 

So spend next few hours on your blog design to make it attractive and easy to navigate. Such tiny things great matters for your readers. If you ignore these little amendments, you can never get unique readers for your blog. So make your blog attractive and get a sponsored review. 

Before renovating your blog design (if you are on WordPress), never forget to read about “how to make your WordPress blog look good, blogging features and blog style writing examples” from Google. You’ll get innovative and audience-engaging ideas for your blog design.

Create a Media Kit or an Advertisement Page

Do you know about the media kit or an advertisement page? Media kit is a door for bloggers to submit like tenders and get the contract. When you create an advertiser page or media kit (both have the same meaning) on your blog, you get a lot of advertiser to promote their product on this page. This is because media kit is especially for advertisement, not for blog content. 

When you are asked by a brand to write a sponsored post for its product, you place this post on advertiser page. With sponsored you write about the benefits and process of its usage with some high quality images of the product. So media kit is a way to attract the potential advertiser to contact with you on business level and you write a post for their product and get your commission. So create an advertiser page on your blog, get the contract with top advertiser and earn your commission from every single post and on purchase of this product also. 

Remember here that when you write a sponsored review post, you get earning from two different ways from the same brand. One earning is on writing the review post, while 2nd earning is your referral commission. When any visitor purchase that product using your referral link (by clicking on the link given in your post), you get commission on that sale. 

How to Start the Sponsored Reviews?

When you start to write a review post, first step is to find product on which you are going to write. This is very crucial step because you are at initial stage and selection of product greatly affects your reputation. If you choose a product which is not a part of our routine life or people have no interest in it, it will downgrade your blog reputation. So before start to write a review post, remember the following points in your mind. 

  • Write the Sponsored Review very honestly. If you describe only benefits of the product in every sponsored post and don’t tell the reader about the de-merits of product, then readers feel that you are just writing for your own benefit of getting the commission or want a product to sell online from home. So author the sponsored review very honestly. 
  • Write sponsored post from both angles pros and cons. 
  • Write the first few sponsored reviews about only those products which are under your use. 
  • Take time to finding a product to sell and choose only trusted products/brands so it doesn’t affect the reputation of your blog.
  • If you receive an offer to write a sponsored post on a product that you never used before then try to use it first otherwise deny the offer. 
  • If you used the product before writing the review post and you understand it is not a good product, reject the offer to write the review post on this product. 
  • Add a disclaimer in your sponsored review post saying “This post is sponsored by [brand name].
  • Create a page on your social media about the advertiser page of your blog. 

What is CPA Advertising?

What is PPC Advertising?

Before understanding the CPA advertising concept, let understand the concept of PPC first. After it, you’ll easily understand the concept of CPA marketing. 

PPC stands for “Pay per Click”. It is a method of online marketing and advertising pricing module where the advertiser pays to publisher each time when clicked on the Ad. 

Every time when visitor will click on the ad, either he purchases or not, advertiser will pay on this click to publisher. In simple words, advertiser pays to the publisher of each click only.” 

For example a visitor lands on your site and click on the ad of Payoneer given at your site. He clicks but doesn’t take any action like filling the form, purchasing the card etc. You will get paid on this click. Although he didn’t take any action but only clicked on the ad link, advertiser will pay to publisher (website owner) on this click. This is PPC advertising. Now you will easily understand the concept of CPA advertising. 

What is Referral Marketing? 

CPA stands for “Cost per Action”. It is a method of marketing and online advertising pricing module where the advertiser pays to publisher each time when clicked on the Ad and complete an action. Every time when visitor will click on the ad and will fill the form or purchase a product, advertiser will pay on this action. 

It is little different from PPC advertising. In PPC advertiser bound to pay on each click, but in CPA advertiser will only pay when action will be completed. 

PPC (Pay per Click) is very effective and profitable for publisher while risky for advertiser. On the other hand CPC advertising is effective for advertiser and risky for publisher. 

CPA advertising is most appropriate for advertiser. The publisher will be paid only when specific action will be taken by visitor or user. If he only clicks on the ad but don’t take any action, no payment will be paid to publisher. 

Let’s understand the concept of CPA advertising with the help of an example.  A visitor lands on your site and clicks on the ad of Payoneer given at your site, but don’t takes any action, publisher will not be paid. If a visitor land on the site, click on the ads and fill the registration form of Payoneer to purchase the card, now advertiser will pay to publisher. Customer/visitor taken an action as he filled the registration form, that’s why advertiser is bound to pay the publisher. 

What is Video Marketing?

There are many other actions like fill the registration form, purchase a product, sign up for newsletter, send a contact request etc. It means any action taken by visitor bounds the advertiser to pay the publisher. If visitor only click on the ad but didn’t take any action, advertiser will not pay to the publisher. This was the introductory article of CPA (Cost per Action) advertising. 

Content you like, share it with your friends. 
Remember! Relationships are not where you find Happiness, It’s where you “Share” happiness.

What is Referral Marketing?

Marketing is fundamentally about communicating the values. When you communicate someone about the value of a product or brand, this communication will also be called marketing. It is not necessarily for marketing that you should create advertising campaign to socialize the new product. 

When you create a useful and valuable product; people starts talking about it. They share the information about this product with their family members and friends. This is what we say that communicating the values is called marketing.

From last few days, we started a series on “marketing” and recently discussed the introduction of Internet marketing and its benefits. In this article we will learn about the basics of referral marketing. 

referral marketing system, referral marketing software, referral marketing plan, social referral marketing

Referral marketing is a way of advertising in which you share information of a product with your friends and invite him to use that product. You refer him to your affiliate or from where you purchased that product. This is called referral.

Now this is a simple term which I used. When you telling orally to someone about a product or any online service and share useful information with him. This is referral marketing.

Now if we repeat same words with marketing terms that definition of referral marketing would be “Referral marketing is a method to promote the product or service to a new customer by word to mouth”. 

Simply this is passing the information about a product from person to person by oral communication. This person to person oral communication is very simple as you tell someone the time of the day. This all is referral marketing and it can be also used for offline referral marketing. 

Online referral marketing is not largely different from oral or verbal referral marketing. In traditional or oral and offline referral marketing, simply we share information mouth to mouth but in online referral marketing, we use some channels. 

In online referral marketing, first we track the behavior of customers by using web browser cookies or similar tools. 

Online referral marketing is more effective and leads to more sale as compared to oral communication. This is because we use many sources of communication in online referral marketing, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, social media marketing, online campaigns, affiliate marketing etc. Not only campaigns but also in chatting and posting of images and videos of the product is also an effective sources to increase the sale.

When you choose referral marketing, it needs a lot of careful study. Actually in referral marketing you communicate and share the product information with those whom you know better like your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, ex-workers and friends of friends. It is a common sense that why a stranger will believe on your information. So in referral marketing you need a large network of your friends and those you know. 

When you share product information with your friend, it means you are inviting him to purchase and use that product. You are doing the communication marketing. It should be ensured at any cost that information you shared with your friends should be correct, relevant and useful. As referral marketing is adopted to get the commission so your friend’s trust is more important than the product and retailer. 

In referral marketing the source of communication and marketing is human. That’s why huge business corporations don’t use the referral marketing to uphold the temperateness and friendliness of human collaboration and communication and post-industrial scale. 

Video Marketing

When any individual or a business group promotes itself, its brands or products in form of video content, this is called video marketing.

Video marketing is a way to promote, advertise or market the companies’ brand or product worldwide by publishing a short video on that product. 

All the small and large scale business industries use videos to advertise their products across the globe. They make video and upload on different video sharing sites YouTube and Daily Motion etc.

Video Marketing Strategies / Online Marketing / Video for Business Marketing

As 90% video marketing is used by online business industry, that’s why only relevant video about a product is not enough. 

When a customer decide to purchase a product through online shopping, it read different reviews about that product, comments of people and testimonials of product users. 

That’s why when you upload a video to promote a product, few moments of testimonials of different product users are also necessary to include in video. 

Why Video Marketing is Need of Time for Marketers?

There is no doubt that content has play a key role in promotion and marketing. Video also play an important role to boost up your affiliate marketing and online business. Here I want to lay down some facts and figures, which are enough to ensure the need and importance of video marketing today and in future. 

  • More than 70% of internet traffic in 2017 will be in form of video.
  • 50% marketers worldwide use video marketing for promotion of their business.
  • In 2015 Facebook announced that video viewership is doubled in just seven months i.e. from 4 billion to 8 billion per day. 
  • When marketers use word “video” in emails, it increases the CTR 65% and reduces un-subscription to 26%. 
  • The use of word “video” in email subject line boosts up 19% open rate. 
  • 70% of video viewers watch the ¾ part of every video. 
  • Video on landing page increase the conversion rate up to 80%.
  • After watching the video, 55% uses are mostly like to buy the product. 
  • 87% online marketers use content videos.
  • 80% users say that videos are very helpful to reach on the right decision. 

From these video marketing statistics, you consider that how much video marketing is important for any marketer. 

Another point I forgot to mention that is 

YouTube is the 2nd largest website and 1st largest video platform of the world which has power of billions of users. Almost it has one third part of the total internet users.  

This YouTube is only a video site which is view by its users hundreds of millions of hours on daily basis. This viewership generates billions of views regularly. Hence video marketing is the severe need of marketers worldwide. 

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are countless benefits of video marketing which is impossible to cover them in just one article. However here I’ll mention some major benefits in short words, so you come to know the importance and value of video marketing today. 

Improve SEO Ranking:

The biggest prove of improvement in SEO ranking through videos is “YouTube is the 1st largest video platform and you know that YouTube is under the ownership of Google, which is the largest search engine of the world.”

For bloggers working on blogger.com, it is another good edge that platforms “blogger.com” and “YouTube.com” both are products of Google. That’s how it is helpful in improving the SEO of your video marketing and content blog. 

Increase Conversion Rate/Chances to Sell a Product:

As I mentioned above that 80% online purchasers and video viewers say that “video is helpful tool to take the right decision”, this shows that more than 60% of internet users which shops online, they watch video before taking any decision. 

Similarly it is also reported that 55% users are likely to buy the product after watching the product video. All these things not only increase the conversion rate of your video blog and affiliate program but also increase chances of sale more than 50%.  

There are more than 300 video sites, so open your own channel on some major video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion, NetFlix, Hulu, Vube, Vine and Ustream etc.  

A Bridge between You and Customer:

When a customer watches a video of your product, he takes the decision to buy product after watch video. This shows that videos are the source to build and increase the trust and confidence of user/customer upon you. This is how video marketing play a role of bridge between you and your prospect. 

It is understood concept that in online purchasing, the customer can’t check or verify the product physically. So there are two ways that he can get some information about product, text and video. And it has no doubt that video is more advance and trustworthy option then text. This is how video marketing play a role of bridge between seller and buyer. 

What is Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF)?

When search engine optimize the site to rank it in SERPs, there are many metrics which search engine follow. After analyzing the ration of those metrics in a website, it ranks a website in search engine result pages. 

These SEO metrics are Google page rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Moz Domain Authority, Moz Page Authority, Majestic Trust Flow, Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Million List, Ahrefs URL Rating, Ahrefs Domain Rating, SEMrush Rank and Serpstat Visibility Rank. These are the metrics which search engine considers when it ranks a website in SERPs. 

Citation Flow and Trust Flow are two metrics which are important for any website to rank it in search engine result pages. These two site metric links were introduced by Majestic SEO.

What is Trust Flow?

Citation Flow

Citation Flow is the number of backlinks your site got without analyzing their quality. When backlinks of your site increase, the citation flow also increases. This process ultimately helps the search engine to increase site’s search ranking.

It is worth to mention here that backlinks are of many types, but in this subject, only two types of backlinks are considered, natural backlinks/quality and unnatural backlinks. Natural backlinks or quality backlinks are those which are using the keywords/phrases of your site and appear on the website that has the same content topic. 

In simple words “the links to your site ‘if they are relevant to the content of your site’ these are quality backlinks. And if these links are irrelevant to the site content, these are unnatural backlinks. 

For example if your site is on the subject of travelling and tour, but backlinks of your site are coming from a “porn sites” or from food blogs, then these are unnatural and irrelevant. This is because there is no matchup between “travelling and pornography”. But if your site gets the link from another travelling site, this is quality backlink. Read it that how you can increase the quality backlinks of your site.

In Citation flow, numbers of backlinks are only measured, quality has not matter. The citation flow score is between 0-100. The citation flow of this site (bloggerstown.com) is 32. Check the CF & TF of your site. 

So Citation flow is “number of backlinks to your site without considering this that either these are quality backlinks or not”. 

Trust Flow

Trust Flow is the number of quality backlinks to your site. In citation flow, there are only numbers of backlinks matter, not quality. But in Trust flow, quantity along with quality both matters. So trust flow is the number of links to your site with analyzing their quality. This is a little difference between Trust flow and Citation flow. 

If citation flow of your site increases, it doesn’t mean that trust flow also increase. No! In citation flow metric, only quantity matter, while in Trust flow metric both quality and quantity matters. However, if Trust flow of your site increases, the citation flow will automatically increases, because in trust flow, both quality and quantity exists. 

Citation flow is always higher then trust flow of any site. The reason is it is very harder to boost up the trust flow. You will succeed to get 300 backlinks for your site, but among those, only 30 or 50 would be quality backlinks. This is the reason that CF is always higher then TF except some major sites like Google.com, search engine land and search engine journal etc. 

I hope this article helped you a lot to understand the concept of CF and TF and remove all the confusion from your mind. If it was supportive for you then share it with your friends on social media so they would also take its benefit. 

What is Behavioural Targeting

Behavioural Targeting is a technique or method used by online publishers and advertiser to collect the browsing history of visitor and then increase the effectiveness of their campaign using this information.

When a consumer visits a website, the page he views, the time he spent on website, the link on which he clicks, the product he purchases or the search he makes, allow sites to collect the data and all other factors, create a profile that links to the web browser of visitor. 

All this information tells about the behaviour and interest of user to the publisher and advertiser. Next time when that browse will open, the advertising will be appearing relevant to the user action.

What is behavioral targeting?

Different visitors visit a website from different behaviour. The traffic which your blog gets from different sources has the different intentions. 

Some are on your site to search a job. Some are on your site to read an article. Some search your site for find the careers in your organizations. Some visits your site simply for research. Some land on your site to see the layout and appealing design. 

Every visitor has different behaviour to visit your site. Even some may be wrongly landed on your site and have no interest in your blog. That’s why all websites on the internet are designed with call to action buttons. These calls to action buttons determine the behaviour of visitor and publisher and advertiser give the ads on that browser according to the interest and behaviour of visitor. 

Call to action button is also designed specifically to determine the behaviour of visitor. That’s why websites are stuffed with multiple calls to action buttons like share, like, comments, buy now, sign up for newsletter, free trials and like us on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc. 

If the website is simply about the content, then like and share button action button is specified to determine the user behaviour. If there is affiliate marketing site, then buy now and sign up for newsletters action button are particularly for verify the action of visitor. 

After collecting all information using the call to action button the ads are placed on the site in which user is already interested. Let’s explain the concept of behavioural advertising with help of some examples. 

Suppose Michal visits the automotive website or automotive section of the general news, he will start to see the ads of cars. As the visitor visited the automotive site, so it is giving a sign that Michal is interested in cars and other vehicles. That’s why ca ads will start to appear on his web page. 

Behavioural targeting is also depends upon the nature of site visited. It can be also done from site to site. Here following some examples are given to elaborate the concept of behavioural targeting. 

  • On a hotel website, the ads will appear about the famous restaurants of the city. 
  • On a banking site, the ad will appear about the banking types of the city.
  • On a corporate website, the ads will appear about the jobs or careers. 
  • On an ecommerce website, the ads will appear about the discount offers on a particular product of a brand. 

Here it is necessary to understand that behaviour of a visitor is in direct correlation with the search of website. For example if a visitor lands on a hotel website, it means he is interested in restaurants. If user opens a corporate site, it means he is searching is job. 

Now after all the above discussion you can easily understand the concept of behavioural targeting from this definition. 

“Behavioural targeting is a method used by marketer and publisher to determine the interest and behaviour of visitor and then to increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaign as per interest of visitor. 

For example if visitor visits the automotive site, the ads about the cars and automotive will start to see on his web page, because he is interested in the automotive. 

To determine the interest and behaviour of visitor, all websites on internet are scrammed with call to action button like buy now, sign up for newsletters, like us on Facebook and Twitter, become our member, join our business group etc.”

What is 404 Error and How to Fix it?

Search engine finds out the stuff by following the links from pages to pages. For this purpose Googlebot visits the site and accumulate all the information: information about any new uploaded post, old post, broken link, incoming links to site or even any irrelevant link. 

After collecting all this information Googlebot report back to Google where after determine the quality. Thereafter instant information further processed for search indexing. 

Sometimes when you have made a website and the delete it, now when Googlebot will visit your site and crawl but it will not found your site. Now when a visitor will search this site, which is removed and not found by Googlebot, then search engine will respond with error “404” or “File Not Found”. Following may other replies by search engine you will receive:

  • “404 Error”
  • “File Not Found”
  • “HTTP 404”
  • “Error 404 Not Found”
  • “404  Page Not Found”
  • “The requested URL was not found on this Server”
  • “404 File or Director Not Found”

These were some words which we receive from search engine when search engine can’t find our requested website/URL address.

How to fix 404 error?

Common Causes of “404 Error”

There are many reasons due to which search engine could not found stuff and answer required user query, that’s why return back with 404 errors or file not found. Here I point out some major reasons due to which this error occur. 

  • When thesearched URL doesn’t exists.
  • When thesearched URL deleted.
  • When required URL not available for the time being.
  • When required URL renamed without redirecting from old URL to a new page.
  • When searched URL moved from another server.
  • When you written a wrong URL then also occur 404.
  • When Web service extension or MIME type is disabled.
  • When virtual directory is mapped to the root of a drive on another server. 
  • If Generative Rule on URL changed.
  • Wrong Spell in Backlinks
  • If required URL is prevented by DNS Setting
  • If required URL is password-protected from Googlebot Access
  • If required URL is not in Google Index. 

These are some causes as a result of 404 errors occurs and search engine could not find the enquired URL. It may be due to your own mistakes if you have typed a wrong URL or you wrong spelled any URL in address bar. Sometime it occur due to mistake of site owner or blogger because if he wrong spelling of URL in Google index. 

But sometimes due to one or two digit spelling mistakes, Search engine always shows the relevant results and the URL which are likely near to the enquired URL regarding their spell. I mean if their spellings are same, there is just difference of one or two digits, and then search engine will show those similar URL also. 

How to Fix 404 Errors?

In case if required URL is really not existing then you can’t remove this error. Let it be. 

Although there are two solutions to remove or fix 404 errors on the reason if URL is working and moved on any other location, renamed without redirecting from Old URL to new URL or any other reason excepting it has been deleted or not exist. One is provided by Microsoft Support while second I suggested. 

Solution by Microsoft:

To remove this error, first verify that required URL exists or not. 

Use the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to determine where the file requested must exist in the IIS computer’s file system. This is mostly significant if the Web site uses a virtual directory (VDIR). 

A VDIR is a directory that is not contained in the home directory of the Web site, but appears to client browser as though it does. This virtual directory must be mapped to a subfolder on a drive or reference the files by name. 

For example, assume that the URL that caused the 404 error is http://Microsoft.Com/Test/File1.htm and the IIS snap-in shows that for Microsoft.Com Web site, the /Test/ directory is actually a virtual directory that maps to the location of c:Information on the IIS computer. This means that you must verify that the File1.htm file is located in the c:Information directory (and that the file name is spelled correctly). 

IIS6 Dynamic Content: A 404.2 entry in the W3C Extended Log file is recorded when a Web Extension is not enabled. 

Use the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to enable the appropriate Web extension. 

Default Web Extensions include: ASP, ASP.net, Server-Side Includes, WebDAV publishing, FrontPage Server Extensions, Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Custom extensions must be added and explicitly enabled. 

See the IIS 6.0 Help File for more information. IIS6 Static Content: A 404.3 entry in the W3C Extended Log file is recorded when an extension is not mapped to a known extension in the MIME Map property. 

Use the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to configure the appropriate extension in the MIME Map. See the IIS 6.0 Help file for more information. This solution is taken from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/248033. 

E-Marketing Solution to Fix 404 Error:

I had discussed this topic “solution to Fix 404 Error” with other my two colleague Muhammad Naeem and Asad Niazi (both are also the member of editorial board of nadeemandco blog) at least continuously 4 to 5 hours. 

We go through dozens of top sites on internet on this matter and even we discussed this matter with some other blogger to guide us for prepare a simple, easy and useful solution for our respective audience and visitors. 

At end we summarized all our study, observation, discussions, deliberation and notes and concise them to a simple, easy and useful solution given as under. 

  • Press F-5 to reload/refresh the page, if error was temporarily occurred, it will fix the matter immediately and will show the required URL/Page.
  • Check URL. Is there any spell mistake or you have typed a wrong URL. If yes then type the correct URL and go through your required page. 
  • If 404-error is still occurring, go to history of your browsing data and clear up your browser cookies. If you are using Google Chrome simply write “chrome://history/” in web address bar and clear cookies. (Don’t write inverted commas) just write simple chrome://history/
  • If error removed after following the above mentioned three points then well, and if 404 Error is still occurring then use 301 redirect to remove the 404 error.
You can also use 301 redirection, to remove 404 error, step by step as given here:
  • Open Your Webmaster Tools and note down web page links which are error.
  • Open your web service directory.
  • Search file “.htaccess” > Edit the file
  • Now enter new error URL, then new URL, as given here: redirect 301 /<oldURL>http://www.newURL.com/ Or redirect 301 /<mywebsite>http://www.myownsite.com/
  • Similarly place all error URL in .htaccess> file to remove error. 
  • Save File and open your webmaster tools again in browser> crawl > all crawl errors > select all URLs > click marked as fixed. 
  • Your 404 error has been fixed. If not, will be fixed within 24 hours. Don’t take tension, now forget this problem.

Know the Difference Between Keywords and Queries

There is a deep relation between keywords, SEO and blogging. Keywords are the foundation of SEO and SEO is the search engine optimization of the blog using particular keywords. This optimization of the blog ensures the blog appearance in search engine. 

Keywords are the principal and foundation term used by bloggers for Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization of their blogs. Keywords are those words which a blogger uses in it blog post to describe the content in search engine and give an access to the user. 

When any marketer, website owner, blogger or entrepreneur places keywords in blog post and submit site map to the search engine, search engine incorporates this post in crawling and indexing process. Now when any user types queries, search engine will show the blog post in using those keywords. 

In earlier there were 2 or three words used as keywords but now long tail keywords are trending and most important. When internet user open internet browser and type some words in search engine to enquire, these words are queries but in reply keywords which shows by search engine in returning results are the keywords which are used by bloggers in their posts. 

The image is clearly showing the difference of queries and keywords and beginner blogger can easily understand the concept of keywords from this image. 

Difference between Query and keyword

Queries are the words which are typed by the visitor in search engine to find the twitter tactics to increase visitor engagement on blog. In returning results search engine is showing the keywords which are closely relevant to the queries of visitor/searcher. 

These keywords are not automatically showed by search engine but used by blogger in blog post. The keywords which are shown by search engine actually are the part of URL. Here you can clearly see them in the following image.  

There are many SEO keywords tools which assist the marketers to find the most searched out keywords, high CTR keywords. Here is a list given of top 10 SEO keyword tools. 

  • Google Keywords Planner.
  • Google Trends.
  • SEMrush keywords Tool.
  • WordTracker.
  • Hit Tail keyword. 
  • Long Tail Pro Keywords Tool.
  • Google Webmaster Tool.

Apart from these keywords tools, there are many other fast options like Google search, Google trends and high ranked blog in search engine. 

There are many locations to place the keywords in your blog post. Most important locations are Title of blog post, sub headlines and Meta tags in blogger. 

How to Create Anchor Text?

There are numerous search engine optimization techniques and practices which assists the bloggers to boost up their blog appearance and ranking in search engine. 

In Big Market, two SEO techniques are used On-Page and Of-Page SEO techniques. All the rest of techniques are sub-parts of these two SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO is also known as site-wide SEO. Site-wide method is used within the web page. Use of relevant keywords in post title and blog post, use of keywords in search description, modifying the URL structure, fixing the permalink of website and use descriptive anchor text in content of blog posts, are the best example of On-Page SEO techniques.

Of-Pages SEO techniques are those which are used to increase the blog traffic. For example writing the blog posts, blog commenting, mention of blog in blogging directories and local business directories, getting backlinks, yahoo answers, writing e-books, create extensions and asking for links etc.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is one of the most authentic SEO techniques among the mentioned above techniques. It is on-page SEO technique and it can be easily created by bloggers. 

How to create anchor text?

Anchor text technique is exception method to augment the interlinking and engagement of readers on your blog. It is also a source to reduce the bounce rate of blog. 

Anchor text is a clickable link in your content or at any point of blog post, once a visitor click on it; it will be redirected to another page. 

How to Create Anchor Text?

There is very easy and few steps process to create the anchor text. You can easily create anchor text within the content through following easy steps. 

  • This creates in Microsoft Word where you write the article. 
  • When you are writing the article and point come on which you already published your event blog post, then create the anchor text there. 
  • Select the keyword or phrases. 
  • After select, now click the right button of mouse. 
  • Click on “Hyperlink’ or press “H” in case you have no mouse and using just keyboard. 
  • Now open your previous post which you published on these keywords. 
  • Copy its link from the address bar. 
  • Paste this link in Hyperlink and click “Ok”.
  • The selected text becomes underline and blue. You can keep the same or changed its color from setting.

 This is anchor text. When user will click on it, he will directly land on that post.

In next articles, we’ll learn in detail about types of anchor text, anchor text checkers and how we can optimize anchor text html for better SEO of site.