What is Autoblogging and how it Works?

Last week, I received a mail from one of my colleague who asked about “Autoblogging, how it works? Where do you get content? Does it establish the backlinks? Is it favorite of Google or it is considered a black hat SEO tactics? Shortly he asked A to Z about auto blogging from me. 

That’s why I understand it appropriate to publish a detailed blog post on this subject, instead giving answer to one person. Thus anyone can read about auto blogging and get useful information from this post.

How Does Auto Blogging Work?

What Auto blogging Is?

Auto blogging is a kind of blogging in which we use software to collect the content from different sites. After collection, that autoblogging software compiles information and publishes the content on blog. 

Like general blogging, it also can be done on self hosted blog or web 2.0 blogs. All the information which automatic blogging software grabs from other site, are based on the keywords you assigned to the software. 

For beginner, Auto blogging can be defined as “a blog owner buys a domain along with hosting package, then install the WordPress or RankWYZ, and set up auto blogging software. This software grabs the articles from other site and site directories. It grabs articles using keywords which you designed in the software. Furthermore in auto blogging, auto post on blogger via RSS Feeds publishes automatically, according a schedule you settled. 

How to Build an Autoblog?

As like general blogging, Autoblogging can also be done on WordPress and web 2.0. It depends upon the goal which you set of Autoblogging. You want to increase the ranking of your site in SERP’s or just to create the backlinks to your main website. 

If you want to increase the visibility of site in search engine then I recommend you to use WordPress to build your Autoblog. If you want to just increase your backlinks through auto blogging, then I recommend the “Web 2.0”. 

If you want to build the blog with the goals to get the ranking and traffic in and from search engine, you should maximum can do 20-30 articles per day on this blog. If your objective is just to increase the backlinks of main site, then you can continue your posting work frequently i.e.   3-5 posts per day. 

Reason to Use Autoblogs

There are many reasons to use the Autoblogs. The biggest reason is it is software which saves 80% of blogger’s time by creating and compelling the content automatically. The blogger only fixes some keywords for one topic and RSS feeds, after that it automatically configure and compile content from those RSS feeds. It is worth to mention that when you fixed some keywords in auto blogging; the RSS feeds automatically find keywords for website and compare keywords with given list. 

It is essential to mentioned here that any content which is stolen, configured or compiled from other sites, is considered the violation of AdSense. The auto generated software also comes in black hat SEO category. Now let’s know some more reason to use Autoblogging software.

  • People use Autoblogs to get the bulk of traffic to their websites and blogs.
  • Autoblogs are used to increase the blog visibility in search engine as it creates the fake traffic from search engine. 
  • Autoblogs are also used to manipulate the ranking of SERPs. 
  • Ultimately all these black hat SEO tactics give the time being benefit of increasing the blog income more than 50%. 

Honestly speaking, if Autoblogs installed on WordPress then it is used for purpose of cloaking. If it is installed on Web 2.0, then it is purely used to build the backlinks of the website. 

From Where, Autoblogs get the Content?

Autoblogs are build to save the time of bloggers because Autoblog software or plug-in creates content and compile content automatically. It is cleared that why Autoblogs are established but a question raises that from where these Autoblogs get the content? 

Getting the content of Autoblog depends upon the software which you are using. Generally when you are in building process of Autoblogs on WordPress, then you are asked to choose the RSS feeds. When Autoblog builds up, it gets the content from those RSS feeds. When you upload a topic on it, you also need to provide the specific keywords. When Autoblog configure and compile the content from RSS feeds, it would be based on these keywords. 

As it configures the content from other sites, therefore there is a fear of Google penalization on “Plagiarism”. To prevent Autoblog from this risk, you can use software like Content Foundry which edit the content after configuration and make it like unique content.

Which is better? Web 2.0 Blogs or Self Hosted Blog

If you are new in blogging industry or in field of Autoblogging, Web 2.0 is better for you. It is simple and affordable and free from any type of complexity. Similarly if your goal is only just to build the backlinks free to your site or other sites, then also Web 2.0 is better. 

If you want to make your site visible in search engine, obtain organic traffic, increase site ranking in SERPs and want to double your blog income, then self hosted blog is better. 

On one hand, where you will get all these benefits, on the same there you will need to manage yourself hosted blog at your own. 

If you take suggestion from me, my answer is “self hosted blog”, because it is best to use in every situation. You need to increase the backlinks or organic traffic, increase site visibility in search engine or better ranking of site in SERPs, self hosted blog is better.

Final Words:

I hope that you learnt a lot of useful information from this detailed article. If I missed any information which you know, share with us in comments section. Next time we’ll include that information in our article. If you have any question further, you can write us in comments section. 

What is SEO? Importance of SEO for Small Business!

Every blogger/web publisher has dream to get high ranking in search engines as they get high ranking they earn more and their blogs/ websites get an authoritative position in search engines. 

Why bloggers higher SEO services from SEO consultants because they know very well that search engines are the primary source driven traffic towards their blogs. 

Although social media optimization Services like Facebook twitter etc. also generate traffic but majority of web traffic is driven by these major commercial search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. These are the primary methods of navigation for most internet users. In this article, we’ll share with your expert search engine optimization tips.

Here we’ll also remove all confusion and provide the answers of question exists in your mind like how to get website traffic? How to get more traffic to your website? How to get blog traffic? How to get free traffic to your website / blog and other question which are in your mind regarding SEO.

What is SEO?

Importance of SEO for Small Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a method by which blogger / website owner improves their ranking in search engines by knowing how to get website traffic. They get traffic to website inorganic (non-paid) search engine results and increase their awareness regarding SEO Services and its importance on your blog. 

SEO is also a great source to improve the quality of your blogs by making them users friendly, faster and easier to navigate.

SEO for Beginners

When you asked any question from Google Search Engines (when you write something in Google) and press enter, there are many website appears on screen showing the answers of your question. These returning results displayed on screens, based on complex algorithms and these algorithms examine a number of elements while choosing any website to show in returning results at 1st, 2nd or 3rd and other positions. 

Importance of SEO for Small Business

There are almost 990,000,000 websites straddling on internet and on daily basis these are increasing as business is moving around the world. How it is possible for your blog/website to compete with these number of sites and then arise at top 10 or top 20 ranking among 99 crore websites. 

If you are beginner and now starting your blog, don’t worry, SEO will do this and guide you step by step to increase the ranking of your site and place it at top positions. Search engines sneak billions of documents, files and video and other media material across the web and index lists of words.

When someone enter a word in search engines, for example “why SEO is necessary” search engines go round all indexed information and provide a return result which will be relevant to searcher questions or words (as mentioned in above screen short). Now these answers which shows as return results, have highly ranking in search engines and this ranking is withheld by Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

7 Reasons why SEO is Necessary

Here we discuss detailed reason that why SEO is necessary for bloggers/ website. 

Socializing Promotion: –

Search Engine Optimization is best source for socialize promotion of your website and blog because readers people who read about your website on different search engines are likely to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and on other social media. 

Most Gaining Traffic Search Engines: –

Most people use Google, Yahoo and Bing, these three search engines while searching something. These search engines are mostly operates in the world. When blogger write content using the keywords suggested by these search engines, they get highly ranking in SERPs which is main cause of huge earning. In other words you can say these are most trusty and reliable search engines.   

SEO Services: –

SEO is not only a way of drive the traffic to your website and blog but also a main source of increase the marketing of your products. 

When users search for something, they do not rely on the single return result; they find the same thing from multiple search engines and from multiple websites using variation of related keywords and key phrase. 

If you website/ blog withheld high ranking in top results for related variation, then you are gaining credibility with each customer. 

SEO Packages: –

SEO is necessary for silky running of website when billions of other websites are also spanning on internet. Each website can get benefit from SEO in direct and indirect ways. Direct benefit is improvement in search engine traffic while indirect benefit is having a corporate worksheet to use before publishing content on the site.

Online Marketing Consultant: –

When you hire SEO Consultant they assist you to develop your business and make your website a goal achieving website. As SEO consultant are professional and have a life experience in this ground, so they are assets which can increase your traffic and become a trust worthy source of huge income. Give time to your SEO Consultant and consult with him regarding your different products and see how you’ll gain collaborations across all your marketing house events. 

SEO Marketing Companies: –

SEO Company works 24/7 with SEO throughout year and stays update themselves with newest algorithm changes, ranking elements, new keywords and know what will be needed in future. If you paid to an SEO Company, you will get faster high ranking in SERPs because these companies work done faster as they have expert teams to manage your work and execute your plan very quickly in right way. That’s why investment in SEO returned results in high money.

SEO and Online Marketing: –

When you advertise your product in newspaper, television channels, billboards, radio or magazines you gain a limited audience because all these sources have a limited area giving you limited readership, users, popularity and position. Sometimes you adopt door to door advertising process and tell the people about your product in details; even then you have confusion about result. Or sometimes you get the visitors by using a coupon method, lucky draw or similar other approaches but you are still guessing and hoping your advertising is bringing in customers and clients. 

But using online marketing especially with SEO and other methods like CTR, PPC etc. is not only cheap but also wide ranging, giving unlimited readers, huge number of users and popularity. 

When you make your online advertising using tools such as Google Analytics then you are able to know the main factors essential for high ranking such as you come to know that how many potential customers are coming to your site, from which source of traffic they are coming, what keywords they are using to find and how many time they stayed on your site and many other elements that can help you to learn how you can compete with other bloggers and websites using what types of sources and keywords. 

What is a Sponsored Review and How to Start it?

E-Marketing Solution is providing trustworthy and legitimated online sources of earning from the day one to its valuable audience. 

From last few weeks we are continually sharing regarding online survey sites and other online platforms. We are continually describing the procedure that how to make money online for free by sitting at your home. 

Today we are going to learn that how we can make money online by writing a sponsored review for a brand. 

What is Sponsored Review?

Writing sponsored reviews is the profitable and money-making opportunity for active and consistent bloggers. By writing sponsored review / pay per post they can easily add a little addition in their blog income. 

How to Get Started a Review Blog?

Sponsored review is like an article but you write this article on a product of any brand. In return you are paid that brand as per settlement. 

Generally when you write a post on any brand, you can’t get earning but when you write a sponsored review post, you get commission from the brands on writing that review. For example you’ll be get paid to write movie reviews or get paid to write reviews on Amazon etc. 

To write a sponsored review, you need a blog which has the massive traffic and thousands of unique visitors. If you are thinking about to write a sponsored review that make sure that:

  • Your blog has an attractive outlook. If your blog has clattered design with a lot of un-necessary plug-in then remove those plug-in and make an attractive outlook of your blog which leave a pleasant feeling in reader’s mind. 
  • If you have no logo, make a logo of your blog which should be relevant and reflects the internal information of your blog. For example if your blog is about e-books online, then your logo should contain a book type image. Logo is the identity of your blog and it reflects entire view of a website. Logo is a little invitation for eBook readers to land on your blog to get e-books free. If your blog is about different resources from where how to make money online for free, passive income reddit then its logo should contain the image of dollars or any other currency. So make an informative and relevant logo of your blog to get a sponsored review. 
  • Your blog sidebar must contain such necessary plug-in which shows the internal personality of your blog like e-mail subscription box, Facebook page link, Google Plus page link, popular posts and recent posts etc. 

So spend next few hours on your blog design to make it attractive and easy to navigate. Such tiny things great matters for your readers. If you ignore these little amendments, you can never get unique readers for your blog. So make your blog attractive and get a sponsored review. 

Before renovating your blog design (if you are on WordPress), never forget to read about “how to make your WordPress blog look good, blogging features and blog style writing examples” from Google. You’ll get innovative and audience-engaging ideas for your blog design.

Create a Media Kit or an Advertisement Page

Do you know about the media kit or an advertisement page? Media kit is a door for bloggers to submit like tenders and get the contract. When you create an advertiser page or media kit (both have the same meaning) on your blog, you get a lot of advertiser to promote their product on this page. This is because media kit is especially for advertisement, not for blog content. 

When you are asked by a brand to write a sponsored post for its product, you place this post on advertiser page. With sponsored you write about the benefits and process of its usage with some high quality images of the product. So media kit is a way to attract the potential advertiser to contact with you on business level and you write a post for their product and get your commission. So create an advertiser page on your blog, get the contract with top advertiser and earn your commission from every single post and on purchase of this product also. 

Remember here that when you write a sponsored review post, you get earning from two different ways from the same brand. One earning is on writing the review post, while 2nd earning is your referral commission. When any visitor purchase that product using your referral link (by clicking on the link given in your post), you get commission on that sale. 

How to Start the Sponsored Reviews?

When you start to write a review post, first step is to find product on which you are going to write. This is very crucial step because you are at initial stage and selection of product greatly affects your reputation. If you choose a product which is not a part of our routine life or people have no interest in it, it will downgrade your blog reputation. So before start to write a review post, remember the following points in your mind. 

  • Write the Sponsored Review very honestly. If you describe only benefits of the product in every sponsored post and don’t tell the reader about the de-merits of product, then readers feel that you are just writing for your own benefit of getting the commission or want a product to sell online from home. So author the sponsored review very honestly. 
  • Write sponsored post from both angles pros and cons. 
  • Write the first few sponsored reviews about only those products which are under your use. 
  • Take time to finding a product to sell and choose only trusted products/brands so it doesn’t affect the reputation of your blog.
  • If you receive an offer to write a sponsored post on a product that you never used before then try to use it first otherwise deny the offer. 
  • If you used the product before writing the review post and you understand it is not a good product, reject the offer to write the review post on this product. 
  • Add a disclaimer in your sponsored review post saying “This post is sponsored by [brand name].
  • Create a page on your social media about the advertiser page of your blog. 

Introduction of Click Through Rate (CTR)?

CTR produces the effectiveness for leading to the success of pay-per-click advertising.  CTR stands for “click through rate”. Recently we published an introductory article on CPA (cost per action) internet marketing.

“CTR is the metric which measures the number of clicks on the ads of advertisers per the number of impression”.

click through rate

Impression is simply called page-views. For example today 1000 visitors visited your site. The impressions of your site are 1000 today. So impressions are simply that how much people visited your site. CTR is the ration of number of clicks on the ads per number of impressions. 

The next question is that how CTR calculated. Simply to determine the CTR, divide the number of clicks with number of total pageviews. Let’s understand this concept with some examples.

There are 100 visitors visited a website. Out of them, only 05 visitors clicked on the ad. Now pageviews/impressions of that website are 100 but the number of click is only one. It means only 5 visitors clicked on the ad given on that website. So the CTR of that advertisement is only 5%. See here. 

A high click through rate means a lot of users who clicked on the ads. So CTR is the rate at which PPC ads are clicked. In above example, it shows that only 5% people click on the ad and landed on ads main website. 

A good click through rate is very clearly explained by Yahoo’s answer. 

“The honest answer to the question is, “It depends.” Click-through rates are naturally going to vary from campaign to campaign, and even from keyword to keyword. Everything involved in the way your ad is displayed plays a part, from your ad copy to the ad’s ranking on the results page.”

Click through rate great matter because a good click through rate leads to the quality scoring. Quality score is the rating of Google in regard of quality and relevancy of your keywords and pay per click ads. A quality score depends upon the various factors including CTR, relevancy of keywords, and quality of landing page, ad text relevancy and the history of your AdWords account performance. But this is not about quality score.

When you succeed to achieve the high CTR, it means you are driving a large number of people towards your offer or ad. When more people will click on ad, it leads to the more sales. Some bloggers don’t consider it better for the business, because according to them, advertisers have to pay per every click. 

If we see the concept of PPC and CTR impartially or neutrally, it is best advertising form for advertiser. For example if advertiser paying the $10 per click to search engine or publisher. But the sale of one product reaches to the $500. So how this is the better form of internet marketing. Higher click through rate leads to the best quality score. And best quality score is the signal or sign of success in PPC. 

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What is Moz Domain Authority?

Moz is an online platform which fabricates new software, tools and products that help websites to market and increase its visibility and ranking in search engine. 

Moz started in 2004 as an SEO consulting company, but it started to develop and grew itself. Today it is the largest and powerful online platform having tools to power your online visibility. 

What is Moz Domain Authority

Moz build the dozens of SEO tools like Keywords research, SEO audit and crawl, Backlink research, rank tracking and SEO toolbar. It also designed many SEO metrics which predicts that how a website ranks well in search engine. 

Domain Authority is one of those Moz SEO metrics which is designed to predict that how well a website ranks in search engine. The Moz domain authority is calculated on the basis of combination measures of other SEO metrics like Moz number of total links, linking root domains, Moz Trust and Moz rank etc. 

According to Moz, they determine authority with a different aspect as Google. Moz includes 40 signals to calculate the domain authority of a site. These signals are included backlinks of your site, internal linking, keywords density (calculated by Moz keywords tool) and quality of content etc. 

The domain authority is measured in from of Domain authority score. This score is measured 1-100 as like Citation Flow and Trust Flow. As score will be more, the domain will be more authoritative and worthy. You can easily understand with following examples. 

1. The domain authority of Searchenginejournal.com is 82/100.
2. The domain authority of Searchengineland.com is 91/100.
3. The domain authority of Google.com is 100/100.
4. The domain Authority of Yahoo.com is 99/100.

Thus you can easily understand this concept that better domain authority will ranks the site higher in search engine and increase its visibility. 

There are dozens of domain authority checkers; using them you can check domain authority of your site. The two major domain authority checker tools are Open Site Explorer and MozBar. These domain authority checker tools are the products of Moz itself. 

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What is Link Exchange?

Link Exchanging is an effective SEO strategy to bring the huge traffic towards your blog. As it is showing from name that is a technique of exchange of links. From last many weeks we are regularly working on SEO. 

The reason is SEO is the way to modify your blog in a way which increases its visibility in search engine. It also improves the SERPs’. Resultantly blog traffic increases in huge number which boosts up the blog earning. 

Link Exchanging Techniques

We will publish detailed articles separately on SEO technique. Some of them are Link Exchanging, writing guest post, blog commenting, increasing backlinks of your site, using of keywords in post title, post content and in search description while loading the article. 

Link Exchanging is one of the older, valuable and effective SEO techniques. Although this is very simple and easy to do but it provides huge ROI (Return on Investment). It not only brings traffic toward blog but also increase the link popularity of site within search engine. Let’s know about Link Exchanging in detail. 

What is 404 error and how to fix it?

Search Engine about Link Exchanging

Search Engine Google says that “It is an association/group/circle of websites that operates similarly to a web ring. Webmasters register their websites with a central platform, that runs the exchange, and in return receive HTML code which webmasters insert on their web pages.”

The same definition of link Exchanging is mentioned in Wikipedia. This definition is although accurate and precise but it is difficult for a layman to understand the concept of link exchanging. Let’s make it very simple and easy to understand. 

A layman Concept about Link Exchanging

Link exchanging means you insert a link of my site on your site; resultantly your website traffic comes on my site. In return I give a backlink to your site in form of image or text and visitor of my site diverts to your site. This is link exchanging. 

When I was writing this post, our Webmaster was sitting in my office. So I feel it appropriate to take some assistance from him. I asked him to explain the link exchanging in detail. What I learnt from him, here I am mentioning for my valued readers and visitors. Those who are newbie, they should must read it. 

Firstly again read the concept of link exchanging provided by search engine. 

It is an association/group/circle of websites that operates similarly to a web ring. Webmasters register their websites with a central platform, that runs the exchange, and in return receive HTML code which webmasters insert on their web pages.

Suppose there are four websites “Tech.com, askblogger.com, SEObeginner.com and bloggingtools.com”. “A” is the webmaster of Tech.com, “B” is the webmaster of askblogger.com, “C” is the webmaster of SEObeginner.com and “D” is the webmaster of “bloggingtools.com”. 

Now all these webmasters decided to increase the visibility of their blogs in search engine. They opted to exchange the links with each others. 

The webmaster “A” inserts the link of askblogger.com on his site. In return “B” also inserts a link of Tech.com on his site. Resultantly the site traffic of “Tech.com” diverts to the askblogger.com and site traffic of “askblogger.com” lands on the Tech.com. This is link exchanging. 

Similarly webmaster “C” inserts the link of bloggingtools.com on his website and in return “D” webmaster also inserts the link of “SEObeginner.com” on his site. Hence this is link exchanging. Now site traffic of SEObeginners.com diverts to bloggingtools.com and in turn, the site traffic of bloggingtools.com also lands on SEObeginner.com. 

So you observed that when two sites shared their links on each other sites, it exchanges their traffic which also increases the site visibility in search engine. This was Link Exchange Technique 1. 

How to Create Anchor Text?

Link Exchange Technique

In first technique, two sites were exchanged their links with each other. “A” inserted the link of “B” on his site and “B” inserted the link of “A” on his site. Similarly “C” inserted the link of “D” on his site and “D” inserted the link of “C” on his site. This is a simple technique of link exchanging. 

Let know about another technique of link exchanging. Search engine says that “It is an association/group/circle of websites that operates similarly to a web ring”. Now explain the word “web ring” that how it is another technique of link exchanging. 

There are four sites as mentioned above tech.com, askblogger.com, SEO beginner.com and bloggingtools.com. These four sites are like a ring. They operate similarly to a web ring. But how it happens? Let know it. 

Webmaster “A” inserts the link of askblogger.com on his site “tech.com”. Due to this link insertion, all the traffic of teh.com redirect to askblogger.com. 

Webmaster “B” inserts the link of SEObeginner.com on his site “askblogger.com”. Due to this link insertion, all the traffic of askblogger.com redirected and land on the site seobeginner.com. 

Webmaster “C” inserts the link of Bloggingtool.com on his site “SEObeginner.com”. Due to this link insertion, all the traffic of seobeginner.com redirected and land on the site bloggingtool.com 

Now Webmaster “D” inserts the link of tech.com on his site “seobeginner.com”. Due to this link insertion, all the traffic of seobeginner.com redirected and land on the site tec.com.

Thus a complete circle of link exchanging completed. It is like a ring. “A” inserted the link of “B” on his site, “B” inserted the link of “C” on his site, “C” inserted the link of “D” on his site and “D” inserted the link of “A” on his site. This is how it becomes a web ring. Now again read the Search engine and Wikipedia definition. 

A Link Exchange is an association/group/circle/confederation of websites that operates similarly to a web ring. Webmasters register their websites with a central platform, that runs the exchange, and in return receive HTML code which webmasters insert on their web pages.

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What is Search Engine? How Search Engine Works?

When a user opens an internet browser, he enters query and hit “enter”, that internet browser shows some results which contain the keywords of user’s query. This internet browser is called search engine. 

The number 01 search engine of the world is Google, which is used by most of the internet users. This is due to it is user friendly search engine and provides many helpful tools for advance search. 

How Search Engine Works?

Some other popular search engines are Bing, Yahoo, Excite, SAPO, Yandex, MSN, lxquick, Naver, Gigablast, Baidu, Exalead, AOL search, Sogou, Good search, Goole, Search.com, Soso, Ask.com, Live Search, NATE and Halalgoogling. These are all search engines as like Google. 

When a user enters query in search engine, it responses with some results by showing web pages. These results are generated and arranged by search engine itself. It has a well-developed automatic system called its spiders, which collect the data from site and complete the process of web crawling and indexing.  

Search engine works on the basis of crawling and indexing. The search engine spiders visit the site after every update and collect all the updated information, like new content, backlinks, images, videos and broken links. This is crawling. 

After collecting this information, these spiders place or put all this information in Google index. This is indexing. It is same as like Index of a book. 

Now when a user enters the query in search engine, search engine provides the results to user from that index. These results contain the keywords used by user in search query.

How Search Engine Works?

It is amazing that search engine like Google and Yahoo are the oceans of knowledge which have no edge. Whatever you enter the words in search engine; it must reply you with results. If you entered the wrong spellings, even then it response with correct spellings. Sometimes you want to enter a sentence but couldn’t do this accurately; search engine shows your desire returning results, despite using wrong keywords or spellings. 

The question is “all this information which search engines have is automatically generated by search engines or someone provided this information to those?” 

Search engine is a software or program which identifies the keywords of users, then find in his database and return with all relevant available results. 

Now any software or program can’t do nothing until someone give the command to it. For example open the calculator of your computer and perform following actions. 

2 + 2 = 4 or 3 – 2 = 1 Or 5 × 4 = 20 or 10 ÷ 5 = 2

When you entered 2 + 2, the software or program of calculator didn’t automatically answered, until you pressed “ok, enter or = button. Similarly when you entered 5 × 4, calculator didn’t automatically provide the answer, until you press “=”. 

In the same way search engine works. It is a software or program which gives the information from its database. Its database doesn’t any information from itself. He have all the information whatever search engine spiders collected from the sites or from any information source and then indexed this information in search engine.  

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What is Evergreen Content? How to Create Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is that content which never goes out of date, remain always relevant and fresh for readers. It remains applicable and important for a long time. Such articles are called evergreen articles. 

You may be heard about ever green trees. There are some trees which retained their leaves and greenery for years and years. Silver Fir is considered an evergreen tree which retained its leaves up to 5 years. Some other evergreen trees are Jack Pine, Scots Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Blue Spruce, Tsuga Chinensis and Western Red-cedar.

Examples of Evergreen Content?

Examples of Ever Green Content in Blogging

As these evergreen trees remains green for many years, similarly this content remain useful, relevant and applicable and fresh for a long period. For example “how to drive organic traffic for your blog, how to install Alexa widget on blog, the complete guide to build a website and importance of your Twitter profile etc these are green articles which remain sustainable, relevant, valid and need of every new blogger. 

Let’s consider the following examples to clear the concept of evergreen content.

“How to” Blog Articles:

“How to” articles and tutorials is always relevant and useful for bloggers and internet users for a long time. In such articles and tutorials, the writer describes the procedure of installation plug-ins, widgets, creating a website and step by step guide of SEO strategies. 

1. How to promote affiliate products on your blog.
2. How to improve Keywords ranking in Google?
3. How to promote event on social media?
4. How to get brainstorm content ideas for your blog?
5. How to become an active social ninja?

“Top Tip and Listed Content” Post:

The content in which different resources, strategies and techniques are described, is also consider as evergreen content. The following are examples of Top tips content and articles. 

1. The 8 Twitter tools for online blogging community. 
2. 5 best practices for B2B email marketing.
3. 7 reasons why blogger.com is best platform for blogging. 
4. 4 easiest ways to speed up your WordPress website. 
5. 7 Best SEO forums to learn SEO. 

Tutorial Content and Articles:

Articles which guides step by step to build, add, install or remove anything, these articles are tutorial articles. These articles guide the reader about every step that how to do it, that’s tutorial content is also called evergreen content. Following are some examples of tutorial articles. 

  • Step by step guide to apply for BuySell Ads.
  • Complete Guide for Feed burner Subscription on blog. 
  • How to Add Facebook Legacy Content. 
  • Step by Step guide to submit sitemap to Google Webmaster. 
  • How to Embed YouTube Video in Blog post and sidebar.

These were the examples of ever green content. This all content is every required by blogger. 

Everyone wants to learn about SEO using different forums, submission of sitemap to Google webmaster is need of every blogger and this is dream of every blogger to improve its blog keywords ranking in search engine. Such type of content never expired and always the need of bloggers and other internet users. This is called ever green content. 

Examples of Non-Ever Green Content

With opposite side of ever green content, there is non-green content. Ever green content is that which remain relevant and useful for a long period, while non-green content is useful and supportive for the time being. It brings more traffic and increase the audience of blog as compared to ever-green content. 

Non-ever green content are ongoing topics at a specific time period. For example articles on “elections of USA”, now this is non-ever green content. Because once election ended, after 3 or 4 months, the election relevant articles will be useless and no one would like to read them, because they are out dated now. But during election days, election relevant topics are hottest topics and bring up to 300% traffic to blogs and websites. 

Data and Statistical Content:

The articles which are published on current data, statistics and numerical figures are best examples of non-ever green content, like: 

  • 20 Keynote Points in SMO Conference of 2013. 
  • Amazing growth in Facebook users in 2010-2014.
  • 08 Twitter tips to bring blog traffic in 2014.
  • The potential viewers of YouTube in 2010.
  • 2012, the best marketing year for Twitter. 

Rumors and Estimations:

The content which is based on rumors, speculations and estimation also is the non-ever green content. Such type of content is time being, unauthenticated and valueless. For example: 

  • Why Nokia 502 isn’t better?
  • The reasons of Lenovo latest model failure.
  • Feature of SAMSUNG in 2014-2015.
  • Was 2009, a best marketing year for Alibaba.com 
  • The feature of blogging in 2015.

Tips for Creating Ever Green Content

It is worth to mention that ever green content is little bit different from non-ever green content. Ever green is timeless and non-ever green is for time being, but both need quality. Non-ever green content brings immense blog traffic but for limited time, while ever green content brings traffic like walking speed of turtle but consistently. Here I’ll tell you about some tips which help you to create the ever green content. 

Write for Beginners, not for Experts

When you write a piece of content to show your expertise and professionalism, you have done a big mistake. Ever green contest is for beginners, whenever a new comer starts blogging, it needs simple, easy to understand and free from technical language blog. New bloggers find such content which they can easily understands the meanings of sentence in just one reading. If you want to make your content ever green, write for beginners, in simple, easy to spell and avoiding technical language. 

Write Short but Useful Articles

It has no doubt that more lengthy articles are favorites of search engine but they lose their visibility very quickly. The reason is user or reader has no enough time to read your extra lengthy content. He likes to read short and point to point articles. After reading two or three articles, user loses his interest. So if you want to create the ever green content, limit your length of article to 700-1300. This is ideal length of an article. 

Choose Ever Green Topics

Select ever green topics to write. Ever green articles are need of users and remain relevant and meaningful for a long time. Following are some best examples of ever green topics. 

  • How to Increase blog organic traffic?
  • How to increase the search ranking of a web page?
  • Tips to increase social presence of your blog. 
  • How to choose a perfect domain for your online business?
  • 25 Interview Questions for SEO Job.

So, I hope you realized the concept of ever green content and how to create it. If any point, which is in your mind, and I’ve missed here, write me in comments. If you want to give any proposal or suggestion to make this blog better, mention in your comments. 

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What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the marketing over the internet to increase the sale of the product and number of sightseers via us of email marketing and websites promotion. 

What is Email Marketing

If we define internet marketing from the current scenario then internet marketing the marketing material to promote brand, selling of its product, offering online services, maintaining the business relations and increasing the number of clients worldwide through different marketing techniques.

Internet marketing has a wide range of advertising and promotions. In early when it was launched, the basic objective was only to aware the people about a product. There was no concept of promotion of brands or offering the online services. 

With passage of time, many new ways of marketing introduced and the time come when search engine like Google and Yahoo himself started to promote the brands. 

Let’s know that when and how internet marketing started and what was its objective? 

It was the decade of 90’s when a U.S based Drug Company started internet marketing. It was the time when a new tradition of marketing introduced in the world with the name of “online marketing”. At that time it was only called “internet marketing”. In those days “World Wide Web (www)” newly transformed the world of physical marketing into e-marketing. 

That Drug Company “Bristol-Myers Squibb” started the internet marketing to promote a drug “Excedrin”. It was first experience of internet marketing. The basic objective of this promotion was to aware the people about the benefits and use of Excedrin. Even the owner of the company provided a sample of the drug to the American Internet users. 

According to the Linda Himelstein of Business Week, this first online campaign to blowout the awareness of drug “Excedrin” was very successful. Although it was a new concept for the whole world and especially for US Citizens where it was launched but its reaction surprised. 

The owner of the Drug Company added 30,000 plus names of the customers from the global community within 48 hours. 

After this success mega business corporations started the online marketing of their products. Today thousands of companies market their brand through dozens of online marketing techniques. Internet marketing now further divided into following marketing categories. We will discuss each of the following categories with details in separate articles. 

  1. E-mail Marketing.
  2. Social Media Marketing.
  3. Referral Marketing.
  4. Content Marketing.
  5. Native Advertising.
  6. CPC and PPC marketing.
  7. Web Analytics.
  8. Contextual Advertising.
  9. Affiliate Marketing.

At end I again repeat the definition of Internet marketing. 

Internet marketing is the marketing or selling of products and online services over the internet.

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What is CPA Advertising?

What is PPC Advertising?

Before understanding the CPA advertising concept, let understand the concept of PPC first. After it, you’ll easily understand the concept of CPA marketing. 

PPC stands for “Pay per Click”. It is a method of online marketing and advertising pricing module where the advertiser pays to publisher each time when clicked on the Ad. 

Every time when visitor will click on the ad, either he purchases or not, advertiser will pay on this click to publisher. In simple words, advertiser pays to the publisher of each click only.” 

For example a visitor lands on your site and click on the ad of Payoneer given at your site. He clicks but doesn’t take any action like filling the form, purchasing the card etc. You will get paid on this click. Although he didn’t take any action but only clicked on the ad link, advertiser will pay to publisher (website owner) on this click. This is PPC advertising. Now you will easily understand the concept of CPA advertising. 

What is Referral Marketing? 

CPA stands for “Cost per Action”. It is a method of marketing and online advertising pricing module where the advertiser pays to publisher each time when clicked on the Ad and complete an action. Every time when visitor will click on the ad and will fill the form or purchase a product, advertiser will pay on this action. 

It is little different from PPC advertising. In PPC advertiser bound to pay on each click, but in CPA advertiser will only pay when action will be completed. 

PPC (Pay per Click) is very effective and profitable for publisher while risky for advertiser. On the other hand CPC advertising is effective for advertiser and risky for publisher. 

CPA advertising is most appropriate for advertiser. The publisher will be paid only when specific action will be taken by visitor or user. If he only clicks on the ad but don’t take any action, no payment will be paid to publisher. 

Let’s understand the concept of CPA advertising with the help of an example.  A visitor lands on your site and clicks on the ad of Payoneer given at your site, but don’t takes any action, publisher will not be paid. If a visitor land on the site, click on the ads and fill the registration form of Payoneer to purchase the card, now advertiser will pay to publisher. Customer/visitor taken an action as he filled the registration form, that’s why advertiser is bound to pay the publisher. 

What is Video Marketing?

There are many other actions like fill the registration form, purchase a product, sign up for newsletter, send a contact request etc. It means any action taken by visitor bounds the advertiser to pay the publisher. If visitor only click on the ad but didn’t take any action, advertiser will not pay to the publisher. This was the introductory article of CPA (Cost per Action) advertising. 

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